Seattle Sourdough Scratch Kitchen

Our 65-year-old mother sourdough starter is used in all our wood fired pizza, pasta and brioche bread.

Northwest Spirits

With over 50 years of owning and operating Seattle’s best drinking establishments, we know what it takes to make a helluva great cocktail! At Northwest Spirits we blend age old traditions with new found techniques to bring you Reward Spirits for Your Halcyon Days.

From Our Family To Yours

For over 100 years, our family of esteemed purveyors have been blending age-old traditions, creating fresh food concepts and crafting spirits that are anchored by our love of mystery, magic and romance. We are founded on the belief that our calling is to blow the dust of daily living off the souls of our guests. 

My great, great, great Grandpa was a “Master Maker” of famous Colby Cheese in Wisconsin. My great, great Grandpa, German Firnstahl, started the legendary Sunny Jim Peanut Butter Company which my Grandpa, JP, ran for 35 years. My dad, Tim Firnstahl, opened over a dozen restaurants;  most notably, Jake O’Shaunessey’s which was made famous by the Guinness World Book of Records for having the world’s largest selection of fine spirits. Now, it is my turn to proudly carry forward the tradition of our lineage with Northwest Spirits Von’s Gustobistro.

5th Generation
Portrait of Heritage 1904 Owner and Operator, Missy Firnstahl-Claridge. A blonde woman is standing in front of a well-stocked bar holding an etched glass partially filled with Bourbon in her right hand. She is smiling and looking pleasant.
Northwest Spirits. Photo by Anne Marie Zarba.